The Stockholm Conference 2014 was held from 29 June to 1 July at SIPU Head Quarters. The title was Progress through shared knowledge: Training needs for public officials in a rapidly changing world.

Over the past few years a dynamic, forward-looking group has developed through regular attendance at the annual conferences. The SCEPSTA community is growing, constantly welcoming new participants from different, European countries. In Stockholm there was a strong focus on learning, especially informal, innovative and unconventional forms of learning. We had lectures on the way we will be possibly be acquiring knowledge in the future, as well as best practice examples from various organisations. With this combination of intellectual theory on the one hand and live examples from our different working environments on the other, we were able to create an informal platform for an exchange of methods, experience and ideas. It goes without saying that this dynamic process was made possible only through the competent organisation and welcoming atmosphere of our Swedish hosts!


conference group photo – Stockholm 2014