What is the objective of SCEPSTA?

The main objective of SCEPSTA is to provide a forum for an exchange of experiences, ideas and new information on everything related to training and development of public services in Europe.

What does the network stand for?

SCEPSTA has three main activities:

  • The network meets every year at the Annual Conference. At the Conference themes of current relevance are discussed, mostly based on participants’ experiences, but also with inputs from lectures outside our own circles. At the Conference, which is hosted by a different organisation each year,the opportunity for an exchange of ideas is given a very high priority. However, the hosting country always suggests themes on the public service of it’s own country to form part of the programme.
  • SCEPSTA also publishes and maintains a Directory with a thorough description of each agency, including organisation, staff and the scope and scale of its activities.
  • Networks. SCEPSTA supports the formation of smaller networks within special sectors. Network meetings allow for a highly specialised interchange of experiences

You can read the SCEPSTA constitution by clicking here.