The annual 42nd SCEPSTA Conference 2015

Berlin 28 June – 30 June 2015

Public Organisation Leadership Competencies: Skills and Tools for Future Challenges


VAk (Verwaltungsakademie Berlin) Turmstraße 86, 10559 Berlin, Germany



12.00 – 16.00 h Arrival of the participants

18.00 h SCEPSTA Executive Committee Meeting, VAk Berlin

19.00 h Welcome Reception at VAk Berlin, Lounge 3rd Floor


8.45 h   Registration, VAk

9.00 h   Welcome to Berlin,
Wolfgang Schyrocki, director of Berlin’s College of Public Administration
(VAk Berlin)

9.15 h   “On what topics is our training and human resource development in the
public sector focussed these days”,
Round of introduction of the participants

10.00 h “Berlin’s way of shaping up leadership competencies”
Andrea Trautmann, VAk Berlin, Institute of Public Management

10.30 h Coffee break

10.45 h “Risk savvy: How to make good decisions”
Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer, director of Max Planck Institute of Human
Development and Harding Centre of Risk Literacy, Berlin

12.30 h Lunch

13.30 h “Public Sector of the Future:
Leadership Challenges and Approaches to cope with them”
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hammerschmid, Professor of Public and Financial
Management, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin

14.15 h Moderated discussion by Prof. Dr. Hammerschmid on the results of the
latest European empirical survey of the topic

15.00 h Coffee break

15.30 h Small group work
“What do we have in common, which new impulses did we get?”
Presentation and discussion in the assembly

17.30 h End of Day

18.15 h Departure to Brandenburg Gate from VAk

18.30 h Official SCEPSTA conference photo

19.00 h -Get an overview over Berlin-
Dinner at the Berliner Fernsehturm (Berlin’s TV-Tower)


9.00 h   “A look inside the Strategic Personnel Planning and Business Partner
Modell @ Messe Berlin“
Dr Julia Borggräfe, director of human resources and corporate
governance, Messe Berlin GmbH

10.00 h Moderated discussion by Dr Julia Borggräfe

11.00 h Coffee break

11.30 h “Leadership Development – The Way, Shaping the Future”
Inge Schandl, Head of division management education,
Verwaltungsakademie Vienna

12.30 h Lunch

13.30 h “Challenges of “New Work” for leaders. What competencies do
leaders need for this new form of working?”
Alan Christie, University of Ulster

14.30 h Evaluation and Feed-back of Conference – with all Participants

15.00 h General Assembly
Closing of Programme

16.00 h Executive Committee Meeting