The 42nd Annual SCEPSTA Conference took place in Berlin from 28th to 30th June 2015. We were kindly hosted by Verwaltungsakademie, Berlin’s College of Public Administration. The conference title was “Public Organisation Leadership Competencies: skills and tools for future challenges. What makes Public Organisation Leadership successful and how can training help?” The selection of speakers struck a balance between theory and practice and so we were able to take back some great incentives and ideas on leadership development and support. Those delegates who attend regularly were able to deepen ties and exchange views, as at every conference though, we were able to receive new inputs through new delegates. This way in an atmosphere that is at the same time relaxed and highly professional, SCEPSTA is able to go on striving for improvements in Public Sector Training by gaining new insights on an international level. We would like to extend a cordial “thank you” to our hosts in Berlin for their excellent organisation.

conference group photo – berlin 2015 (click for a bigger view)

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